Published at Feb 19, 2024

FYI: None of the following plan will happen any time soon.


I don’t use Kazwire at all. I’m fortunate enough to be in a school system where I don’t have to bypass a school blocker through something like a proxy. I don’t even have to use the school provided computer which I’m especially grateful for. It’s the main reason why working on Kazwire just isn’t rewarding enough for me; I don’t get to use it. Ads do help with the continued support of the site and without it I likely wouldn’t bother continuing to work on it.

What next?

I want Kazwire to be completely self-sustainable, I don’t want to have to touch a single button, restart a server, or do anything to maintain the site. I want it to stay up and have full and complete redundancy.

How would you do that?

We already have a bring your own domain system where users can connect their own domain to the service and in the process allow other users to access it through the bot. This allows the site to continue to be unblocked on certain blockers. However, there’s no foolproof method to bypass these blockers and with time they will likely be able to block Kazwire near instantly.

The endgame for Kazwire will likely be a community games tab where users can submit their games (complete with the metadata for it) and have it be published on a board where people can like and dislike it. With A.I. being so advanced, I’m hoping that this can be auto-moderated; however if this can’t happen I would likely get some moderators or make it user-moderated where users can decide what to keep on the site and what not to keep. Obviously this has potential to go completely in the wrong direction, however hopefully there will be people who want to see site continue to exist.

Why not just take it down?


Kazwire makes enough from ads that it wouldn’t make sense to just take it down, it requires minimal effort to maintain and would just be a waste if we did take it down.

When are you going to do this?

Likely over the summer I will create the final version of the site which would include the community games tab. If you have any suggestions for how you think this should be handled let me know by messaging me.